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DIY Gameport to USB Adapter

DIY Gameport to USB Adapter

Do you have old PC joysticks lying around? Have they been sitting buried behind a pile of things forgotten for many years? Well you can make an adapter that will let you play games with it again!

August 28, 2022 路 10 min 路 Felipe Perez Stoppa
Wireguard Linux client Unraid Server

Setting Up Wireguard on Linux Client and Unraid Server

November 6, 2023 路 4 min 路 Felipe Perez Stoppa
Control An External PC Fan based on CPU Temperature!

Control An External PC Fan based on CPU Temperature!

April 2, 2023 路 6 min 路 Felipe Perez Stoppa
SSH key authentication

How to set up automatic SSH key authentication on the Raspberry Pi (or other linux server)

Configure your host to automatically use SSH keys generated for connecting to your server!

October 15, 2022 路 7 min 路 Felipe Perez Stoppa

WiFi Access Point Using a Raspberry Pi 4

Poor WiFi signal? WiFi always dropping out when you are in your room? Build this wireless access point with a Raspberry Pi!

September 24, 2022 路 10 min 路 Felipe Perez Stoppa